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Khokhlova Elena Vladimirovna, Postgraduate student, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (23 Gagarina avenue, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia),

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Background. The article examines the biography of Arthur Conan Doyle from the biographical myth theory point of view. The purpose of the research is to identi-fy the major mythologemes and mythemes of the biographical myth of Conan Doyle and their reflection in the novel “Arthur and George”.
Materials and methods. The subject of the study is the biographical myth of Ar-thur Conan Doyle in Julian Barnes’s novel “Arthur & George”. The comparative-typological and analytical methods of research were used in the research.
Results. The article defines the basic terms and concepts: a biographical myth, a mythologeme, a mythema. It also distinguishes the concepts of biographical legend and biographical myth. It overviews different approaches to the biographical myth of Conan Doyle in non-fiction, fiction and cinema.
Conclusions. The analysis of the biographical myth of Arthur Conan Doyle in Julian Barnes’s novel “Arthur & George” shows the fundamental importance of mythologeme “spiritualism craze” in the novel “Arthur and George” at the ideolo-gical level of the novel, despite the fact that in terms of the plot the mythologeme “a mystery Great-Wirley” and the mifema “a consulting detective” appear to be dominant ones.

Key words

biography, biographical myth, biographical legend, mythologeme, mifema, Arthur Conan Doyle, Julian Barnes, “Arthur and George”.

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